Suar Wood

Premium Suar Wood Furniture In Singapore​

Collectif Designs provide top quality grade, kiln-dried Suar wood furniture in Singapore which only require basic wood care using only water and diluted hand soap solution to clean and maintain the finish surface top of the furniture. Every piece of Suar wood slab is unique and different in terms of grains and shapes. Each Suar wood furniture piece is customisable and hand-crafted from the beginning to the end to suit your needs, unlike mass-manufactured furniture product. Apart from our stockpile in Singapore, our clients will be spoiled for choice when selecting from our stockpile in our Indonesia warehouse. Our popular Suar wood furniture in Singapore includes Suar wood dining table, Suar wood bench, Suar wood coffee table, Suar wood chair and Suar wood bed.

Suar wood also known as Rain tree
Suar wood also known as Rain tree - Albizia Saman

The Origin Of Suar Wood

Suar wood comes from Rain tree which originates from South and Central America, it’s been introduced to Southeast Asia and widely planted throughout the region in the mid 19th century by Portuguese colonists as a plantation tree. Rain tree is a large tropical rain tree that can grow up to heights of 25m and characterized by its thick and leafy umbrella canopy. Rain Tree species receive the status of G5 globally according to the NatureServe conservation status, which indicates its abundance, widespread and is in no danger of extinction. The botanical names for Rain tree are Saman Samanea, Inga Saman and Albizia Saman. Suar Wood is reffered by different names in different parts of the world. In the West, it is often referred to as Monkeypod, Samanea Saman and Parota. In Indonesia and Thailand, it is named as Acacia wood, Suar Wood and Munggur wood. The direct translation of the Rain Tree to Chinese is “雨树”. Some retailer might label Suar  wood as South American Walnut wood or North American Walnut wood for marketing purposes to mark up their retail prices.

Suar wood furniture manufactured by Collectif Designs
Live edge Suar wood furniture

Suar Wood Furniture Durability​

Suar Wood is strong, durable and robust wood type. Just like most of the wood, it has light coloured sapwood on the outer layer and dark brown heartwood in the middle. Suar wood has special grain that makes study and durable furniture. The rich colour and beautiful grain of the heartwood, resembling black walnut makes wood from larger trees highly prized for its unique wood grains for table top usage. The wood grains of Suar wood have interlocking grain characteristic. These natural crisscross wood grains reduce the possibilities of crack from wood movement due of climate change. It is moderately heavy and has a medium hardness compared to other hard wood species. Due to the fast growing capability of Rain tree compared to other tree type, Rain Tree can produce massive solid single piece wood slabs for fabrication of large furniture with beautiful and interesting wood grains. Suar wood furniture is inexpensive compared to Teak wood furniture and Mahogany wood furniture, thus making Rain Tree wood a good alternative choice to other expensive woods. The qualities and properties of this wood make it one of the most versatile products for furniture making.

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