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We specialise in Suar wood, Rain tree, Teak wood and other types od solid wood furniture in Singapore. Solid wood furniture is an excellent choice from the dining area to the living area and bedrooms. Wooden furniture is able to add warmth and peace to an area, making the space more welcoming. It can also add a luxury feel to your space. By using the appropriate type of solid wood and suitable designed base, solid wood furniture can be bold and modern, making loud statements in your premises. At Collectif Designs, you can choose to have your furniture built with Suar wood, Teak wood, Mahogany wood or other types of wood that we carry. Every piece of solid wood slab is unique and every piece of bespoke wooden furniture in Singapore is handcrafted.
Collectif Designs solid wood dining table promotion
Collectif Designs solid wood dining table promotion
Suar wood furniture, Teak wood furniture and other solid wood furniture manufactured by Collectif Designs in Singapore
Solid wood furniture in Singapore by Collectif Designs

Suar wood Rain tree and Teak wood furniture in Singapore

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in the world to build furniture. Certain types of solid wood are incredibly durable and designed to last for generations. Especially wood furniture made from hard wood, which requires minimal maintenance and can withstand wear and tear that arises from daily usage. As the wood ages, it will add to the characteristic of that particular piece of wooden furniture. Due to the durability of solid wood, worn out wooden furniture can be repair and restore to the brand new conditions or even be transformed into a different piece of furniture for your home.

Each type of wood has their unique set of wood properties, structure and colour, which can add different degrees of warmth and tenderness to enhance the beauty of its surrounding space. Suar wood have the most dramatic wood grains, while Sono wood (rosewood) have amazingly dark rich natural wood tone. Teak wood and Mahogany wood are extremely durable and recycle Ironwood have incredibly hardness. Lychee Wood, Mango wood, Tamarind wood and Amboyna burl wood are extremely rare to achieve the size for the production of single piece wooden furniture.

We offer a wide variety of solid wood type for example Suar wood Rain tree and Teak wood furniture in Singapore to cater to individual requirements. Whether you are new homemaker planning to furnish your new place or regular buyer wanting to change the design theme of your place or even a wood collector looking for exquisite rare wood, we have it all. Each unique pieces of our solid wood slab can be custom made into dining table, countertops, bench, coffee table, side table, console table, cabinets and many more. Our solid wood furniture can be customised to your designs. Our collection covers from the living room to the dining room to the bedroom. Depending on your criteria, we will advise you the most suitable type of wood for each of your project.

The general care for our standard varnished solid wood furniture is simply wipe down with a slightly dampen cloth or diluted mild soap solution to clean up the dust and oil residue. No expensive cleaning agent is required. Do not use harsh detergent or solvents for cleaning as it might damage the varnished wood surface.

As a solid wood supplier, we are able to produce solid wood table tops of any dimensions and specifications required by our client. Our ready wood slab selections are not limited by the stocks we display in our Singapore showroom. You can also select your ideal piece of wood first hand, directly from our overseas warehouse and arrange for delivery once the items reach Singapore. Not to worry if the piece of slab that you like doesn’t fit your existing space, cutting and alteration of the wood dimensions can be done in our Singapore in-house workshop.

About Collectif Designs

Collectif Designs is a solid wood slabs and furniture wholesale supplier and manufacturer specialising in custom made Suar wood furniture, Teak wood furniture, Sono wood (Rosewood) furniture, Mahogany wood furniture, Lychee wood furniture, Mango wood furniture, Tamarind wood furniture, Rain tree furniture, recycled Ironwood furniture at the most affordable price in Singapore. 

With 14 years of furniture industry experience, Collectif Designs Private Limited provide the best quality Suar Wood, Rain Tree, Teak wood, Mahogany wood, Sono wood, Lychee wood, Tamarind wood, Mango wood, recycle Ironwood, Amboyna wood and other types of solid wood furniture in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. As we are the supplier and manufacturer, we are able to supply and ship any dimensions and specifications required by our clients worldwide.

We realized that the Suar Wood furniture retailers in Singapore lacked the experience, expertise, technology, infrastructure, level of service to provide quality products to the end-users. Collectif Designs is set up to provide premium quality, handmade, bespoke, solid wood products at the most affordable price. Our company philosophy: “High-quality solid wood furniture must be accessible to everyone”

Why buy solid Suar wood Rain tree and Teak wood furniture from us in Singapore

Suar wood, Teak wood, Mahogany wood, Tamarind wood and other solid wood material kept in Collectif Designs warehouse
Suar wood, Teak wood, Mahogany wood, Tamarind wood and other solid wood material kept in Collectif Designs warehouse

Competitive pricing

With our main production scale and dried stockpile based in Indonesia, we are able to lower the cost and at the same time, provide our customers with only the best quality solid wood materials. Every piece of wooden furniture sold to you is directly from our factory. By cutting out the middlemen and agents, we are able to pass the saving to our clients.

Unlike most suppliers who try to save as much operational cost as possible but using air drying method and forgoing the chemical treating process to maximise their profit margin, we build our own kiln-drying facility and a chemical treating pool for all our solid wood slabs to remove excessive moisture from the wood and unwanted insects that might be in the wood. There is no need for acclimatisation of the slabs as the wood material is source in Indonesia which has the same climate conditions in Singapore and Malaysia. As our live edge Suar wood Rain tree and Teak wood slabs are dried for a very long period of time, the wood is stable even for cold climates. Every slab is sanded to high grit sandpaper for smoothness then fully sealed and varnished on all surfaces to provide protection to the wood.

Suar wood table details being constructed manually by Collectif Designs
Rain tree table details being constructed manually by Collectif Designs

Handmade Furniture Using Premium Solid wood

Every piece of furniture is built from scratch and made to order using only premium solid wood material. Unlike furniture that is constructed using MDF as a core material and cover it with laminates or thin layer of wood veneer, which is getting more and more common among the manufacturers and retailers. Our furniture are built to last because we only use solid wood with skillful techniques and workmanship constructing it.  We make sure that our business doesn’t harm the environment. All the wood we use to manufacture our furniture is legal. We ensure that at least 6 saplings was planted for every tree was logged for our furniture production. All our employees are treated as family members, we ensure fair trade is practiced at all times by supporting our employees with fair salaries and meals during working hours.

We understand that furniture is a big ticket item. There are many details that need to be handle from the beginning to the end, and its very common for clients to wait for weeks before their orders are delivered. Most of the times during passing down of details and information get lost during the process when you shop at furniture retailers. We understand that it could be very frustrating and even worrying situation when these happens. But at Collectif Designs, all your information are being handle by a dedicated personnel from start to finish and we will keep you updated during the production process. 

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Solid wood drying process

Moisture Content In Wood

The moisture content of the wood material determine the quality of the furniture, no matter if its solid wood dining table, solid wood coffee table or solid wood bed frame. If the material is not adequately dried, the material will have a much higher tendency of warping, cracking and more susceptible to future insect attack. Thus we take additional steps to dry our material before supplying our solid wood furniture to local Singapore and overseas. There’s also a range of beneficial side effects to the drying process, including the increased strength when compared to fresh timber, better insulation properties and enhanced suitability for machine work, finishes, glues and paints.

Collectif Designs measuring Suar wood slab moisture content
Measuring solid wood slab moisture content

Collectif Designs Kiln-dried solid wood

Collectif Designs outdoor drying area for solid wood slabs
Collectif Designs outdoor drying area for solid wood slabs
Collectif Designs indoor drying area for solid wood slabs
Collectif Designs indoor drying area for solid wood slabs

Before the kiln drying process, solid wood logs are sawn into wood slabs in the sawmill to increase the surface area of the wood. A freshly cut timber (green wood) contains up to 50% moisture content in certain wood species. The slabs are placed at our outdoor drying area to allow heat and wind to evaporate some moisture content naturally. This is the most traditional method before any machines and kiln ovens were invented. The wood slabs will stay in this drying area for a few weeks, occasionally rearranging their positions to ensure that each slab and their surface area are evenly exposed to the sun. During the monsoon season, this process will take place in our indoor drying area. This process will allow the slabs to stabilize before other processes take place.

Collectif Designs solid wood vacuum treatment process
Collectif Designs solid wood vacuum treatment process
Collectif Designs solid wood vacuum treatment process
Collectif Designs solid wood vacuum treatment process

The wood slabs are then transferred to the Vacuum Pressure tanks. This process increases the durability of the wood and discourages the growth of fungi and insects including termites. The wood slabs are loaded on the trolley and send into the cylinders. The slabs will go through a number of phases during this process. During the first phase, the wood is flooded with the preservative solution under vacuum conditions using powerful vacuum pumps. This vacuum condition will allow better absorption of the solutions into the wood. A high-pressure condition is applied in the second phase of the treatment. During this phase, the extreme pressure pushes more treatment solution deeper and more uniformly into the cells of the wood to achieve the maximum effect of the preservative solution. The final phase is to drain the solutions and remove wood slabs out from the cylinders.

Collectif Designs Kiln Dry chamber for solid wood
Collectif Designs Kiln Dry chamber for solid wood
Collectif Designs Kiln Dry chamber for solid wood
Collectif Designs Kiln Dry chamber for solid wood

After another round of air drying to remove the excess solution from the vacuum chamber, the wood slabs will be placed into the kiln drying chamber. The temperature and humidity of the environment will be controlled and monitored to achieve the optimum moisture content for each type of solid wood slabs. Natural elements have their limitation in drying the wood slabs unless extensive amount of time is allowed for the wood to air dry. To improve on the efficiency of the drying process, our slabs are put into the kiln for drying. Upon reaching the optimal wood moisture content, the slabs are remove from the kiln chamber, and are sorted and stored according to their dimension and category. Cracking and warping of wood will occurred.

Cracking and warping of wood will developed during the drying process. This is totally normal. Warped pieces will be flattened for usage. Cracked areas are often cut off to supply to certain buyers as per request, for example our most popular Live edge Suar wood dining table, which is a loss of value to us. But there are also buyers specifically looking for organic pieces with the cracks which actually add to the natural beauty and character of the solid wood product. In order to achieve this, the original length of the wood slab is always longer than the length of the final product required.